Imagine Your Vision Communicated with Beauty, Power and Consciousness…

MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN is an alchemical collaboration of two mystics and visionary artists, COLETTE DE GAGNIER and SADIQ ALAM. Their combined gifts offer a sacred alchemical fusion of art and technology. With COLETTE’s keen sensitivity in how to translate your vision into form, and SADIQ’s tech-shamanic capabilities, you have a team which can bring your vision to the world with beauty, clarity and consciousness.


If you are a writer, an artist, a spiritual teacher, a visionary of any kind, we understand how important it is that the depth and integrity of your work be communicated effectively to the world. The right promotional materials are essential in fulfilling your path of service. When the promotional designs are in alignment with the spirit of your work, both in form and in content, a clarion call is sounded across the web which connects us all, naturally drawing to you those you are here to serve.
It is the time of union,
It is the time of vision,
It is the time of resurrection,
It is the time of grace…
~ RUMI ~
Visions of Spirit,
Embodied in Beauty,
In Service to the One.