Behind MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN are Colette and Sadiq


COLETTE DE GAGNIER has dedicated her life to serving others through the transformative beauty, power and mystery of the creative arts. Colette is a visionary artist and designer, a creative consultant and coach, a performer of mystical poetry, and the creator and publisher of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE: An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age. Created over the course of ten years, this limited artist’s edition is being widely used as a transformative tool of wisdom and inspiration. In 2002, GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE was also featured in an interfaith service of remembrance at Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., to commemorate the first anniversary of 9/11.

Prior to the creation of the GATEWAYS, Colette was an award-winning photographer of ritual and dance, and has since edited two videos about her work, DANCING WITH THE DIVINE – Photographic Vision of Colette (visit on Vimeo), and THE VISION AND HEALING ARTISTRY OF COLETTE (visit on Vimeo).

In 2006, Colette was the Program and Artistic Director for Wisdom University’s NEW CHARTRES SCHOOL, a mystery school gathering annually at Chartres Cathedral in France for seven years. Colette’s ceremonial role was to embody the Oracle of the Divine Feminine, bringing forth Her consciousness through spoken passages of poetry and mystical writings.

Colette is currently working on a multi-media project entitled, ALCHEMY OF THE DIVINE: Visions of Initiation and Transformation. This initiatory journey into the alchemical mysteries will be offered through a book, a film, and an online ORACLE OF ALCHEMY.

Colette delights in supporting other visionaries through her ALCHEMY OF CREATION coaching work, and in helping them to create powerful promotional materials through MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN – Illuminating Design for the Visionaries of Our Time.


Servant and Seeker of Truth, SADIQ ALAM is Editor and Author of INSPIRATIONS AND CREATIVE THOUGHTS, an internationally acclaimed weblog published since 2005. It covers a wide range of themes including Integral & Comparative Spirituality, World Faith Traditions and Mysticism. Interviews with many inspiring spiritual teachers, artists and contemporary visionaries have appeared on the site. His blog has been nominated for a number of international awards, including Asia Blog award and Blogger’s Choice Award.

Son of an Art Historian, Sadiq has been blessed with a natural artistic draw. He is a painter in traditional media, as well as a Digital Artist and Digital Photographer. Sadiq’s tech-shamanic skills include proficiency in Graphic Design, Audio Editing, Troubleshooting, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization. Sadiq is also an expert Blogger and offers Web 2.0 skills.

Born in Bangladesh, Sadiq finished his Bachelor in Engineering in his native country before moving to Singapore for his Masters of Engineering as Research Scholar. He was awarded a prestigious Fellowship at University of California, Los Angeles for Post-Graduate study in Biomedical Engineering.

Sadiq’s early career began in Information Technology Journalism. He became the youngest Executive Editor of a National Information and Communication Technology Magazine in his country and also served in a number of national dailies and monthly publications. Sadiq has won national recognition for his technical writing and contributions in journalism.

Sadiq has a strong interest is in Sufi teachings, Eastern religious / spiritual traditions, and Integral Spirituality. He developed an early interest in Comparative Spirituality which led him into the study of Sufism through the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. He took initiation into the Sufi path in December 2007 by taking hand with Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal, a guide in the Shadhili Sufi lineage, who resides in the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem.