Multimedia Service Offerings

For artistic, spiritual and social visionaries, the use of multimedia is essential to communicate your multi-dimensional vision and creative spark. At MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN we offer various multimedia services such as VIDEO and AUDIO EDITING, and PROMOTIONAL VIDEO PRODUCTION. With Social Networking and video websites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, VIMEO, and others reaching such a wide audience through the Internet, having a multimedia presence on the Web is vital. Since mini digital cameras with excellent image quality are becoming ubiquitous and affordable, it’s a matter of simple creativity to capture the essence of your work on video, whether through recorded interviews, presentations, performances, or even montages of imagery. Whether you have the video clips and need our editing skills, or require script to screen production, the team at MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN will help you create multimedia offerings that are visually rich, compelling, and can boldly convey your unique vision to the world.
“Dancing with the Divine” is a 12-minute montage of the ritual dance photographs of artist Colette de Gagnier (formerly known as Colette van Praag.) These photographs emerged from Colette’s studies and photographs of numerous sacred dance forms around the world, including India’s Bharata Natyam, and Butoh Dance from Japan. This work evolved into photographing rites of passage through movement at power spots in nature as a healing journey for others. “Dancing with the Divine” features photographs of Trance Dance in Bali, Butoh dance rituals, and ceremonial dance at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, and Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

The Vision and Healing Artistry of Colette” is a 12-minute video featuring artist Colette de Gagnier (formerly Colette van Praag), creator and publisher of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE: An Illuminated Manuscript for the Modern Age ( Colette discusses the genesis of GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE and the unique role that artists play at this stage in our spiritual evolution, interweaving inspiring passages of mystical poetry from the book. The film ends with a montage of imagery from GATEWAYS OF THE DIVINE. Experience the power and mystery of Colette’s work!

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