Visionary Coaching


Each of us has a unique vision to bring to the world, a holy purpose, a calling. The accelerated times in which we live beckon us to expand our notions of who we are and what is possible, urging us to make the quantum leap into our magnificence, and offer the gifts of our potential to a world that deeply needs our healing participation. Whether you are a creative artist, a social visionary, a teacher, a healer, or someone in search of a fresh vision for your life, Colette can assist you in tapping into the divine mysteries of creation, helping to coalesce your vision, and bring forth the masterpiece of who you are to the world.



Every vision begins with the flame and breath of inspiration. At whatever stage of your creative process, Colette can help to awaken and deepen the vision that wants to come through you. Using the alchemical gifts of presence, sacred conversation, and ritual creativity, she will help you find greater clarity and inspiration for your holy calling.


Once you receive a vision, very often you will encounter places of doubt, fear, pain, and limitation that can seem to thwart the creative process. Colette will encourage you to embrace these places in a process of purification and healing, seeing it as an important gateway to the manifestation of your vision. She will hold a clear and compassionate space for the discovery of what needs to be integrated in you, guiding you to additional healing support, if necessary. At each stage of this purification process, tremendous energy and presence can be liberated to nourish the furtherance of your vision.


Once you have awakened the divine vision and are engaged in the ongoing purification of your vessel, what are the next practical steps in its manifestation? Colette will help you to create a foundation and a plan for your divine mission. Tangible support is offered in the visioning and writing of brochures, web pages, and other promotional materials to clearly communicate your vision to the world. She will help you to discover the right words and visual elements to convey your unique being and creation.

Colette offers THE ALCHEMY OF CREATION sessions by phone, skype or at her office. Each session is a unique exploration and interface with what arises in the present moment, and what is emerging into form. Colette uses the alchemical tools of sacred discourse, poetic invocation, writing practice, image-making and movement to awaken and facilitate the creative process.


To schedule a complimentary 20 minute session, or for more information, please contact Colette