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Web Design Solutions

The creative artists behind MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN are professional dreamers and competent tech-wizards dedicated to serving the fellow visionaries of our time. The inter-connected web – that is the Internet – has become a grand portal to manifest, share and connect visions across the globe, transcending space and time. For artists, poets, writers, musicians, healers, teachers and evolutionary thinkers – The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities to claim your own space in the World Wide Web, and to create a container for your creative spark.

Whether you need a new website, or improvements to an existing one, at MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN we create distinctive designs that are in alignment with your vision and suit your technical needs, seamlessly fulfilling your creative, spiritual and commercial goals. Utilizing Content Management System (CMS), e-Commerce and Optimized Web Technology, we can make your website highly functional, yet beautiful and easy-to-navigate. From conception to manifestation, our artists and design consultants work closely with our technical personnel for the integration of your vision and purpose.

Rates for Design and Web Site Publishing:

1. Basic: Starting from $ 990 (made with customized Content Management, Edited Template)

2. Intermediate: Starting from $ 2200 (specialized features include Newsletter, E-Commerce, Paypal features)

3. Advanced: Contact us by email, sadiq@mysticalchemydesign.com for quote (based on your need).

All prices exclude Custom Graphics, Editorial and Proofreading services.  For more information on our Design Services, click here and for Writing Services, click here.

Add Unlimited Server Space + Domain Name + 2 years of Hosting = $ 150


w4Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Now that you have a great website, how will people find you? Nowadays, when the volume of the Internet is so huge, and people prefer to use search engines to look for information, if your website doesn’t appear in the top search results, chances are that many people won’t visit your website, even though you might have the best content on that subject. Search Engine Optimization is the art and technology of letting the world know that your website exists, and your content deserves to reach people. Our tech guru offers Search Engine Optimization for your website or blog, offering many ways to quickly increase your site’s visibility to search engines, thus increasing your audience and target readership. For existing sites, we offer SEO analysis and can offer solutions for improvement, including how to write your content for better optimization.
Web Marketing
Traditional marketing concepts no longer work in the rapidly changing Internet world. Being innovative in this web of change is a creative challenge that we embrace at MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN. We can help you create a marketing strategy for your presence on the Web, and offer the best array of solutions depending on your needs, such as Web 2.0 Social Networking, Newsletter Design and Set-up, Blog Set-up and Maintenance, e-Commerce set-up, Mailing List and Database support, Banner and Brochure Design, and research Link Exchange with Affiliate Organizations or Businesses. We also provide promotional Video Production and Editing Services to enhance your marketing presence on the Web. Check our Multi-Media Section also.
Web 2.0 Solutions
Web 2.0 marks a new era in the Internet by the revolutionary usage of social networking sites. From a web-traffic perspective, Web 2.0 offers a great opportunity to connect with similar-interest networks, and can bring in a great deal of inter-connected traffic. Sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Tribe, Technorati, Flickr and YouTube – all these groups are now the playground of Web 2.0. At MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN we offer innovative and customized ways of bringing Web 2.0 connections to your website- to increase your traffic, and establish a large, frequent reader base.


Whether or not you have a web-based service or product,the electronic Newsletter has increasingly become a valuable and powerful tool of communication and promotion, both with an existing network of contacts, and a means to expand one’s community and potential clients. At MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN we utilize the technology of Constant Contact, recreating their templates into newsletters that are visually bold, distinctive, and sure to be noticed. In addition to designing newsletters, we can assist with all aspects of set-up, including Mailing List, Archiving and Database Support. Newsletters are an easy and inexpensive way to stay in regular contact with your network, share information, feature new products, services, or events, and drive traffic to your website.

mail_thSamples of Newsletters

Book Promotion

The Sister from Below

Gateways of the Divine

Artistic Promotion

The Solstice and The Sacred Marriage

The Artist As Shaman and Healer

Event Promotion

New Chartres School – The Great Sacred Loves and The Poetry of Beauty

The Oracle and The Sacred Feminine
w3 Blogging Solutions

Blogging is one of the most dynamic and creative portals on the web, and an effective way to update interest groups about activities and services offered by an individual or organization. A Blog that gets updated on regular basis can also increase Search Engine Optimization, since the content in the Blog already contains important keywords.

MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN offers Blog creation, maintenance and regular updates, if necessary, for your entire organization or business. If you already have an existing Blog, but are not sure how to increase your audience, we can provide you with effective ways to attract readers to your Blog, and suggest ways to make your Blog content more popular to search engines. We also can help submit your Blog to major Blog directories, and offer basic training in how to update your blog easily.

mysticsaint_blog_sA snap shot of Sadiq’s blog, MysticSaint


A traffic stat of Sadiq’s blog for one month, which is one of the most frequented blog in cyberspace, specially featuring themes of spirituality and mysticism.

For more information about MYSTIC ALCHEMY DESIGN Web Services, please contact us at 888.434.1154, or by email at sadiq@mysticalchemydesign.com